Stress Free guide to New Year ‘resolutions’

Your stress free guide to New Year resolutions
First and foremost I want to send over my love and excitement for the New Year (and decade) we are moving into. I get it, Christmas and New Year can be hectic and however much I love the festive period I know for many of us it can actually be a really stressful time.

So we’ve now come out of the other side to now being bombarded with pressures of New Years resolutions, ‘clean eating’ and making this year ‘The Best Year Yet!’.

Phew! We’ve gone from one stress to the next!! Anyone else feel like they have to be smashing everything…All at once!?

Well I am here to hopefully bring a moment of calm to the craziness of New Year.

3 steps for a less stressful start to 2020:

1) Ditch the resolutions but give yourself a word of the Year.

80% of New Year resolutions fail leaving us feeling ashamed and disappointed. Surely there are better ways to start our Year! What I am doing instead this year is setting myself a ‘word of the Year’ that I can try and focus on. Last year my word was ‘believe’ but this year my word in ‘learn’. I want to learn more about how I can support busy people to improve their health and happiness through their diet and mindset support. I also want to learn new skills like foraging and maybe even surfing!

So think of a word that resonates with you and that you want to focus on. Maybe write it down (ideally where you will see it often) and look to incorporate it into your daily thoughts.

Photo by Glen Anthony on Unsplash

2) Digitally de-clutter the things you’re seeing that leave you feeling crap.

For me this has been doing a bit of a social media ‘cull’ where I lovingly ‘unfollow’ the people who I notice start making me feel inadequate. Social media is a great place to inspire you but inspiration should leave you feeling good not bad.

I have found that following a range of different people of different body sizes and avoiding those that talk about diets have left me more comfortable about being ‘me’. 

So like me, why not start checking in to see how your scrolling leaves you feeling and if it’s not great maybe try and alter the images and messages that you’re seeing.

Nourish yourself through colourful food

3) Gently look to nourish your body

Don’t feel like you need to be radical but over Christmas and New Year we can often indulge in lots of rich foods and alcohol which can leave us feeling a bit drained. One of the best ways we can support our bodies (and minds!) this January is to start looking at what we are fuelling ourselves with. 

By just adding one more portion of vegetables to your dinner or trialing out a new fruit for your mid morning snack can make so much of a difference. Our gut bacteria is involved in our energy production, our mood and even our immune system so getting some extra fibre through our food is a fantastic self care exercise that doesn’t need to stress us out. 

If you need some extra inspiration I would love you to come along to my ‘Good Food Good Mood’ event on Blue Monday (20th Jan). There will be talks on nutrition, mindset and movement and also includes some lovely nourishing foods.Follow the link to book on and please share with anyone else who might be interested.

Anyway, I hope you have an amazing day (and month!) and that you found sounds of these tips helpful.

I hope I see you at the event on the 20th but if you can’t make it feel free to head over to my social media accounts below for info on any other upcoming events.


Laura 🙂

p.s if you wanted a quick chat about how my personalised 1:1 nutrition and mindset programmes can help to support you reach your health and happiness goals this year please head over to to book a free call xx