My name is Laura Perry and I am a registered Nutritional Therapist (Msc).

My passion and ambition through Mind Nourishing is to challenge conventional nutrition and to encourage as many women as possible to ‘ditch the diet’ and fall in love not only with the food that they eat, but with their lives and bodies.

Alongside wholesome food, I use targeted supplementation, testing (if required) and lifestyle recommendations to address your specific needs. I make sure that within my practice, I gather as much information about your illness/ travel/ life history so that I can create a holistic picture of your past and identify potential triggers to the symptoms you have. I will then look at your body as a whole to provide personalised recommendations to help you become the best version of you possible!

Although the service I provide can support things such as ‘gut health’, ‘energy issues’ or ‘hormonal inbalances’, I strongly believe that the power of food, stress relief techniques, gratitude and self- love support can empower Women to reclaim their lives and their happiness.

I am passionate to share this journey with you and support you to build a life rich in happiness, love and health.