About Laura

Laura Bryan is an award winning Nutritional Therapist (Msc, mBANT, CNHC), certified Master Mindset Coach (NLP Master Practitioner) and founder of Mind Nourishing.

After observing a huge link between poor mental health issues and highly processed diets in a previous community wellbeing role, Laura was inspired to throw herself into researching the link between food and mood and now specialises in this area. She works both with clients 1:1 and within the corporate setting where she delivers innovative programmes to reduce staff mental health sickness rates and burnout risks.

Laura has been featured in the Guardian Newspaper, is an expert nutritionist for Thrive Magazine and has won ‘Best in Specialist Health Consultancy’ two years in a row for Wales.

Personally, Laura (unsurprisingly) is a total foodie and loves cooking colourful foods as well as running in nature, lifting weights and travelling the World with her equally food loving Husband.