Corporate Wellness

The heart and soul of any business are the people behind the scenes (or even out in the limelight) that make things happen. Without these people working to the best of their potential, business will be affected.

Although the health of staff is a huge priority for any business, unfortunately within the UK staff sickness is a big problem:

  • 30.4 working days a year are lost due to sickness or illness-related underperformance (1)
  • Sickness costs around £554 per employee annually (2)
  • 50% of sickness is due to work- related stress, anxiety or depression (3)

Why use nutrition as a focus for staff wellness?

Gut health directly impacts mental health which is currently the leading cause for staff sickness. Although food can have such an impact on your mood, there is currently a ‘Nutrition Gap’ affecting workplaces across the UK

  • 75% of adults are not achieving their ‘Five a Day’(1)
  • Around 60% of daily food intake happens at work yet very little support is given within the corporate setting
  • Corporate nutrition interventions often focus on weight loss rather than mental wellbeing. Weight loss interventions are often ineffective at long term behaviour change and can cause shame, disappointment and unhealthy eating behaviours

Mind Nourishing’s corporate wellness programme

Core programme includes monthly:

  • Nutrition webinars to support remote workers
  • Information blogs to share on intranet platforms
  • Mindset challenges
  • Recipes to empower staff

Fully personalised delivery can then be organised to suit your business needs and goals. This could include services like:

  • Hosting regular breakfast clubs
  • Lunch and learn educational sessions
  • Cooking classes
  • Mindful eating courses
  • Wellbeing team away days
  • 1:1 support for staff with more specific health concerns
  • Canteen recipe development

Previously worked with:

Good Food Good Mood presentation in partnership with Natwest and Office Om