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May I thank Laura for her support over the last 5 months. I am ashamed to say I didn’t think I would find any benefits from following her recommendations or that her research into my medical issues would have such amazing results !! I am 100% healthier,and as a result so much happier.As an added bonus I have lost a stone in weight !! Laura is so friendly and approachable and never makes you feel guilty if you have a bad day.
Thank you again for my new “lease of life

5 month client with arthritis and acid reflux

Thank you Laura for all your help and advice, I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

3 month client with low energy

Thank you very much., for making a huge difference in my everyday day life, my constipation, my whole well being has benefited greatly! I have and will continue to recommend πŸ’•Mind Nourishing.πŸ’• I will continue to follow , lovely cooking ideas. I’m sure I will need your help again, it was the best money I’ve ever spent!!!

3 month client with IBS

The one to one support and guidance helped to refocus on what was important rather than getting bogged down with the bigger picture, it was about being appreciative for the good things, however small that make each day better. Due to the support I am now able to say “today hasn’t been a good day, but i’m okay” and mean it.
Thank you Laura, you have been fantastic.

3 month client with depression

Thank you for all your help and support Laura. All the advice was so personalised to me and my needs, and as a result, I am eating cleaner and taking a few vitamin/mineral supplements, which have helped significantly with my anxiety, energy and hormonal balance!
Thank you for the weekly motivation and the amazing recipe ideas – I will continue to use these in the future!

5 month client with anxiety and PMS

It was extremely unique and the advice given to me was personalised and thoughtful. I appreciated recipes that were suited to my work and home life, as well as what I enjoyed eating. I was given information that I can continue to use going forward.

5 month client

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