5 Health podcasts you need to check out!

I’m quite a newbie to podcasts but I am totally hooked! I love the variety and the possibility to get such rich valuable information wherever you are.

I listen to podcasts when I drive, when I run and at the gym…How amazing that we have so much information, stories and advice right at our fingertips all for free!

I would love to share my 5 favourite health podcasts with you. Please check out this video and let me know what podcasts you love too!

My favourite health podcasts.

If you don’t have time to watch, my favourite health/ food podcasts are….

  1. Ben Greenfield Fitness– I love the rich, evidence based information which covers nutrition, fitness and general wellbeing. There are often realy interesting guests and some super interesting conversations around fitness and wellbeing hacks. Worth a listen!
  2. Feel Better, Live More– A great podcast covering a range of different health topics from the GP Dr Chatterjee BBC series ‘Dr in the House’. I love how they often talk mental wellbeing and often talk about the impact of stress on wellbeing. Easy listening!
  3. Nourishing Womens Podcast– Is one of my favourites! The 2 girls (nutritionists from America) talk female health and have really interesting conversations about body positivity and having a good relationship with foods. It’s fun, interesting and down to earth.
  4. Fit and fearless– By the 3 girls from the instagram account ‘Girl Gains’. I haven’t listened to loads but they are shorter (at around 30mins) and do some great interviews with professionals around things like mindful eating, exercise and health. I love that they use examples of their own experiences with food and again it’s easy to listen to.
  5. Talking tastebuds– Another new one I have only just started listening too but so far so good! Some really interesting conversations which is allabout food! There are interviews with a variety of different guests (I have listened to one with Lucy Watson and Jasmine Hemsley) and you get into the nitty gritty about what they eat, their eating habits and even their death row meal! Really fun and interesting.

I hope you find this useful! I would love to hear whether you have any other health podcasts that I should check out. If so please comment!

Learning definitely feeds my soul and I hope these suggestions bring you some knowledge and joy xx