Meal Planning for Busy People!

Deciding what to eat after a busy and tiring day is hard right?!

And then when you leave decision making to this tired, ‘hangry’ version of you, chances are you’re more likely to go for quick, more processed, less nutritious options….

So this video is all about giving you some quick and easy tips to plan your meals successfully, especially if you don’t have much spare time on your hands!

If you’re too busy to watch the video (there’s some irony there!), the top tips are:

1) Plan your meals ahead of time. Set a day/ time to think through what you’re going to make. Personally I like to do this either on a Sunday or before I go shopping. Doing this at the same time as writing a shopping list is a great way to make sure you’re all organised and your not going back and forth to the supermarket!

2) Create yourself some themed days. Always struggling for what to make?? Why not create some themes to help you out a little during the decision process. I like to try and do things like ‘meat-free Monday’ and you can even try things like ‘Taco Tuesday’ or even dedicate a day for trying a new recipe or getting the kids to choose. Having themes can mean if you do need a little inspiration at least your know what kind of thing your after… ‘Quick Taco Ideas please google’.

3) Bulk cooking! Making a ‘bucket load’ of food in one go is a great way to make sure that you have things stored for meals when you’re a little bit busier. I love to bulk make meals like: chilli, curry, stir fry and bolognese so that I can freeze the leftovers or have it for the next day lunch with very little extra effort (and time!).

4) Get your slow cooker to do the work for you. Don’t have a slow cooker? Maybe it’s time to invest just before Winter! With one you can chuck in all the ingredients in the morning and then drag yourself home after work to a beautiful tasty meal ready for serving. I love making stews, pulled pork and meals like chilli in a slow cooker as the meat always goes lovely and tender.

*On a side note, slow cookers are also great for creating nutrient dense. ‘gut healing’ bone broth. Just add old bones (I usually use chicken after roasting it) with some left over veg bits, water and apple cider vinegar. Leave for about a day and you have the BEST stock/ broth to add to other meals or drink.

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to get planning your dishes for more ‘stress free’ mealtimes. If you need some extra help I have created a Free Meal and Mind Planner for you to download and use to help you keep organised. To receive this free download just sign up for my monthly newsletter on the bottom of the home page

I hope you find it useful!!

Speak soon,

Laura πŸ™‚