Gut Reset Programme

Sick of bloating, gut pain or even just feeling like something isn’t quite right with your gut?

If yes, this programme is for you.

Hormone Balance Programme

Is your PMS, irregular periods or even PCOS causing you monthly drama?

If yes, this programme is for you.

Mood Booster Programme

Do you often feel tired, low in mood and just overwhlemed with all of the stress you are under?

This programme is for you.

Vitality Programme

Want a mix of all the juicy bits from all other programmes?? (Don’t worry there is no actual strip tease involved! haha)

This programme is for you.

Community work

Services can be tailor made to support your service users needs.
Examples of community services include:

  • Community cooking sessions to educate people (including children) on how to cook easy, nutritious meals
  • Lunch and learn workshops on topics such as
    – How food affects your mood
    – Eating for energy
    – Mindful eating
    – Workplace snacks
  • Personalised recipe books and food packages to encourage communities to cook from home
  • Day retreats offering groups the chance to learn more about nutrition, eat a vegan nutritious meal and partake in activites such as yoga, low tox workshops and meditation

Please enquire for costs and availability.

Good Food Good Mood presentation in partnership with Natwest and Office Om