Mood Booster Programme

1 in 3 individuals will suffer from a mental health issue within their lifetime. Our lives are busy and we are under increasing pressure to do more whilst simultaneously sleeping less and not having time (or energy!) to nourish ourselves properly.

These programmes look at the bigger picture of your life to support you to make small and sustainable changes to your diet, sleep, stress levels and mindset to create lifelong changes to your health and happiness. As a mindset coach (NLP trained) Laura will also look to challenge your current beliefs so you can break unhelpful thinking patterns and habits.

3 month programme

In these 3 months we will dig deep into what’s impacting your mood and anxiety. At the end of the programme you will have:

  • Learnt how to balance your blood sugar levels so that you can reduce your feelings of anxiety, irritability and being ‘hangry’!
  • Identified the potential triggers to your low mood (including nutritional deficiencies) and how to overcome them so that you can manage your emotions better long- term
  • Learnt how to boost your energy through modifying your diet and gut health so that making new habits feels so much easier
  • Learnt about any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back and how to overcome them
  • Become a pro at meal planning and have a range of mood boosting recipes to keep you and your mind feeling awesome
  • Created some new healthy lifestyle habits which will make you much more resilient in dealing with future stress in a more positive way

5 month programme

In this programme you will get all of the above transformations, but we will also have extra time to:

  • Look deeper into improving other issues you might have like gut issues and hormonal issues like PMS
  • Work through issues with your mindset that might be stopping you from making those long term health changes that you reallllllly want
  • Improve your relationship with food so you trust your intuition with eating and don’t feel like you have to go through the misery of restrictive diets ever again

Programme optional additions:

  • Cortisol saliva test
  • Stool test
  • Supplements

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