A box of food and inspiration to nourish your mind and your mood

We are learning more and more about how our gut health can have a huge impact on our mood and consequently our happiness.

The Good Food Good Mood box have been designed by me (Nutritional Therapist) to conveniently provide you with a range of foods that are beneficial for your gut.

*Product flavours may vary from pictures*

This includes fermented foods (probiotics) that help increase the good bacteria in your gut, specially chosen tea’s, nuts and raw chocolate that will also provide essential nutrients (and enjoyment!) for gut and brain health.

*Product flavours may vary from pictures*

Alongside food, the box will also include a mindful eating exercise, an affirmation, nutrition information on the benefits of the food products and some added extra’s.

**Due to the nature of some of the fermented products (with live beneficial bacteria) it is recommended that the box remains refrigerated whenever possible.

Good Food Good Mood Box

Buy your bundle of happiness to include 5 food products along with nutrition and mindset handouts. Next delivery 10th February


For any more information about the ‘Good Food Good Mood’ products please don’t hesitate to ask any questions