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Balanced Bodies Camp

Mind Nourishing will be supporting the Balanced body camp as the head chef/ nutritionist.

Balanced Bodies Camp is the final resting place for fad diets, unmaintainable fitness regimes and obsessive weigh-ins. Our programme is designed to train you for life, not just for now.

This Camp is a weekend or week-long fitness retreat designed to help you conquer your fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle through the twin pillars of exercise and nutrition. However, it is our unique ‘Brain Training’ sessions that we consider to be the glue that holds it all together because successful, long-term weight loss is less about what you eat and more about how you think.

The Camp

Upon arrival, you will begin your fitness journey, led by media fitness expert and celebrity Personal Trainer Anna Reich and supported by another highly experienced trainer, Raquel Martinez, and an on-site, dedicated nutritionist and chef, Laura Bryan. Each member of our team is focused on one objective: helping you achieve and maintain the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

The Balanced Bodies Weight Loss Camp provides:

  • The Week-Long Camp – Full accommodation for 6 nights

  • The Weekender Camp – Full accommodation for 3 nights

  • Meals cooked by our brilliant resident Nutritionist (Mind Nourishing)

  • Food prep and cookery tips and recipe cards detailing all nutritional values

  • Challenging and varied exercise throughout the day

  • Brain Training – Our unique behavioural therapy sessions to ensure it all sticks!

  • Crucial post-camp support through FREE admission on to the BBWC Online programme , worth £75

Our entire schedule is designed to deliver results based on simple and uncomplicated conventions that you can integrate into your life, permanently – without the stress or deprivation felt with ‘diets’.  The determination to help you reach your goals, live with a happy, healthy mindset and provide you with life long exercise skills and nutritional education, is at the core of everything we do.



Sep 23 - 26 2021


6:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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